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Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

"The nail course covers a lot of material in two days. Very well structured so easy to take in. Very well taught, enjoyed it very much. Would highly recommend it."
Noura Mehmet - Hounslow London

"Lots of information clearly given. Time taken to go over what you don't understand. I enjoyed the nail course very much and would recommend the centre to anyone interested."
Andrea - Manchester

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing the nail course. There is a lot of information in a short period of time however it was clearly delivered. Hazel is very patient and had absolutely no problem giving extra help when needed. I would recommend this course to anyone."
Zen - Buckingham

"Brilliant value for money. Instruction clearly given. Hazel had a lot of time for us all."
Stacey Smith - Manchester

"Very informative, lots of information to take in but well presented. Really enjoyed the nail course and Hazel is a great tutor. I like a smaller group, as it is easier to ask questions and have more one-to-one attention. Would definitely recommend this course"
Vicky Bardsley - Sheffield

"Enjoyed the course very much. Hazel was excellent and certainly knows her stuff. Plenty of literature to help with the course and very good one to one tuition. Would certainly recommend the course and will look forward to any other courses on offer."
Yvonne Gleave - Northwich Cheshire

"I'm amazed at how much I've learned in 2 days. It's a fantastic nail course, informative and fun."
Zoe - Cheshire

"Very thorough. Full of information. Relaxed comfortable, teacher was great, definitely helps when learning."
Sonja - Arizona USA

"Excellent nail course; very informative in a relaxed atmosphere. A nice mix of students of all ages and backgrounds, contributed in making me feel comfortable with my decision to start something completely new. I can't wait to learn more on my nail art course. Thankyou."
Andrea Hough - Blackpool

"Excellent course content; learnt so much in a short period of time. Hazel's teaching methods really help you absorb the information. Would highly recommend."
Vicky Barton - Warrington

"Excellent teaching, each aspect covered thoroughly. Very comprehensive."
Jo - Shropshire

"A really good nail course. Lots of information to take in but Hazel makes it really enjoyable. I met some really nice girls on the course. There is no need to feel nervous because you will be made to feel at ease straight away. I am looking forward to starting my new career."
Rebecca Birch - Cumbria

"Fantastic! Can't believe how much you can take in in just two days! Really enjoyable, everyone was friendly and the atmosphere is really relaxed. Highly recommendable!!"
Emily Simmons - N. Ireland

"Very good; Intensive but fun; an excellent learning curve!"
Denise - Spalding, Lincs

"Thanks so much for this experience. I found it really encouraging to know that I can e-mail with any teething problems I might have whilst doing my practise work and beyond. A pleasure to have been here and an honour to have been taught by Hazel."
Sam Cresswell - Wrexham

"This was an intensive yet informative nail course. It has been well structured and Hazel's professionalism shone through."
Allison Woodnutt - Stockport

"I have really enjoyed this course the content and structure was excellent. I have learned a great deal in just 2 days. I would like to say a big thank you to Hazel. Keep the good work up. Finally thanks to Gordon for your helpful advice and patience. P.s. website is very good and easy to navigate round."
Kiran Vadukul - Telford

"A brilliant nail course really in-depth with lots of practical. I loved the way Hazel made you feel really comfortable and at ease. Her teaching methods made it easy to retain the information. I would recommend this course to anyone."
Karen - Fife

"A fantastic, professional level of teaching. This course is excellent value for money. Hazel puts everyone at ease and her expertise show through in her teaching."
Jeanette Wyatt - Bury

"Excellent course, great fun! Learned lots and given lots of tips. Great atmosphere, nice people and a very professional teacher. Thanks."
Paula - Kinross, Scotland

"Nice group of girls. The course was very well structured and everyone picked it up really easily thanks to Hazel's teaching technique. Excellent value."
Amanda - Kent

"Good introduction into nail care. Good balance of theory and practical, in a friendly classroom. Thank you Hazel."
Paula - Macclesfield

"I have enjoyed every minute of the 2 day nail course. I found Hazel's teaching methods great even though I am dyslexic. Thanks Hazel." Natalie - Liverpool

"Really enjoyed this course, would definitely come back and do other courses. TRY IT! You can learn so much in such a short time."
Lydia Hill - Cheadle Hulme

"Really enjoyable and informative. Well structured and lots of content. Amazed how much I have learnt. Should have done it ages ago! Thanks to all xx"

"Great atmosphere, Hazel was totally approachable and never missed if we were going wrong. She would spot it and give you her full attention until you got it right. All in all a great learning experience. Will be back for more courses soon."
Trish King - Glossop Derbyshire

"I had never even seen a nail tip until I started the course. I am amazed how quickly you can learn the technique and I can't wait to go home and start practising!! Hazel's teaching method is excellent!"
Karen - Aberdeen

"Excellent nail course. Fantastic way in which the course is taught. A little nervous at first but made to feel very comfortable. Thank you so much - bags more confidence."
Alison - Swinton

"Friendly atmosphere, great course. Lots to take in but easy to achieve with a great teacher like Hazel."
Louise - Newcastle

"We thought the course was a comprehensive intensive guide to Manicure and U.V. Acrylic Nail Extensions. Fantastic how the course touches on how to turn your new found knowledge into profit. Hazel offers ongoing support after the course and it's been a pleasure to meet her."
Tam and Bex - Wiltshire

"I thought the nail course was very enjoyable and I'm very pleased with how much I've learned in 2 days! The environment was nice and relaxed and I felt very comfortable to ask questions about things I wasn't sure of."
Melissa - London

"Hazel was an amazing and straight to the point teacher. The atmosphere was relaxed even though it's an intense course. Without realising, she's given me the confidence I wanted so quickly - Thank you! X"
Karen - Wirral

"I can't believe I have picked up so much in 2 days. Would recommend. Good grounding. Very professional. Fun too. Great aftercare as well."
Julie - Spain

"A great nail course, very enjoyable. Hazel makes you feel at ease and gives you lots of support. You feel confident after 2 days. I would recommend the course to others."
Leann - Middleton

"Very informative, easy to understand and a new career in 2 days."
Paula Wilson - Leyland

"I went on the course in July 2005. I met a great bunch of girls whilst I was on the course and we had a really good time while we were learning, and lots of us are still in touch by email.

The course was a 2 day intensive course which covered everything you need to know to become a qualified nail technician. Hazel is a great teacher and the methods that she uses for teaching are relaxed, which helps you remember more.

At the time I was working part time and decided that I would place an advert in my local paper to see what kind of response I got. I checked out the price of other nail technicians in the area and undercut them by �5.00 and placed my ad as an "introductory offer". Within my first week I got 7 phone calls, which was followed by recommendations from the people that I had seen that week. I ran my advert for 6 weeks, although I thought it was a little pricey at first it proved very successful and I more than trebled the outlay of the advert with the appointments that I had got.

So four months on, I have now given up my part time job, and I am working for my self. I love the freedom that the course has given me. I choose when I want to work, what times I want to work and where I want to work. I now have a set of regular customers that see me every 2/3 weeks and I am still getting recommendations from other people I have seen.

The course has given me a whole new lease of life and the freedom that I always wanted to work around my family.

I hope you bite the bullet and give it a whirl, you really won't regret it!"

Jenny Matthias
Fantastic Fingernails