Nail Technician Courses Content

Nail Technician Course Content


These days, with studio lighting and Photoshop anyone can have perfect looking nails on a photograph. We considered splashing some library photos around the website like virtually everybody else does, but decided against it.

The photos at the top of the page are real unretouched photos of our students, taken on a mobile phone. They may not be perfect, but they're honest. Hopefully you can zoom in and have a better look. These are the first attempt at a set of nails by and on everyone on the photos, some are natural some french polish. This was one typical course and the lighting was the desk lamps. Now you've seen the goal let's go back to the beginning.

Health and Safety

The first thing you'll learn about is Health and Safety. I know, the thought of it sends a shudder down everyone's spine, but look on it as an investment. Follow some common sense rules and you shouldn't get injured, sick or sued. Anyway, we'll make this part as much fun as we can!

Nail Technician Course

Anatomy of The Hand and Arm

How the muscles, tendons and bones work in the hand and arm. How they get stressed and sore and how to relieve them.

Structure of The Nail

How the nails are formed, what they're made of, how they change as they grow and protect themselves against infection. Nails have several functions you may be surprised to learn about.

Nail Prep and Manicure

Much of this can be learned at home. You can familiarise yourself with certain techniques and practises and study the background information. Don't worry, we won't have you attempting anything difficult and final training and assessments will be in the classroom.


Infills can be harder than putting on a full set. It's an important part of the course and fully classroom based. You will be shown how to do this in simple stages, and you'll then perform an infill on your partner.

Nail Technician Course

Nail Enhancement Removal

How to remove nail enhancements safely and the different techniques to achieve this are discussed and demonstrated, you'll then remove your partners'.

Application of UV Acrylic Nail Enhancements

The goal here is to apply the extensions as perfectly as possible, not as quickly as possible. Speed comes naturally with practise and should never be forced. You will be shown nail prep again, how to get the perfect mix of liquid and powder and the correct bead size on your brush. Then you'll be assessed as you carry out each step on your partner.

Filing and Buffing

Filing is one of the easiest things to do, when you know how. It's a bit like learning to drive, once you're ok you do it without thinking, but it can take a little while to become that relaxed. Learn to do it properly then practise makes perfect!


You will be learning other things on the course, gel overlays, gel polish and some nail art. Other treatments will be discussed, hand masks, paraffin hand wax and various nail and hand treatments. There won't be time for you to try all the extras, but we make sure you are made aware of most options and have full documentation and insider tips for you to consider.

Nail Technician Course