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Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Course Details

Nail Technician School, Nail Courses

Manicurist & Nail Technician Course

  Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn acrylic nails so quickly?

· This is a well structured course, held in a relaxed atmosphere with people who are keen to learn.

· The classes are small and the lecturer is experienced, highly qualified and knows how to make learning enjoyable.

· Course preparation notes are available to you in advance so you will be familiar with much of the theory before you attend.

· The acrylic taught is the latest available; it is vastly superior and far easier to learn.

· Your progress is monitored with case studies after the contact days to ensure you are developing your skills correctly.

· If you have difficulty with any aspect of the course, extended training is offered at no extra cost. We don't charge for reassessment.

Is this an NVQ course?

No, and we wouldn't pretend that it is. An NVQ course takes several months to complete, usually a year. There are a lot of assessments, assignments and portfolio building.

There are no short NVQ nail technician courses.

Will I be able to take on clients immediately?

We recommend that you practice on friends and family for two to three weeks first to increase your speed and perfect your technique.

Whose product do you use?

Our supplier imports directly from the manufacturers and offers our students excellent tools and products at a discount. You can buy from them or any other wholesaler.

The biggest influence on the quality of a set of nails is the skill of the nail technician not the label on the bottle.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

We have teenagers and pensioners, beauty therapists and housewives attending our courses. They are suitable for everyone.

Do you hold courses in other areas?

Not at present, although we are considering it. We have people traveling quite some distance to attend here and staying overnight at local guest houses, particularly from the London area where courses are very expensive.

Do you teach other systems?

The course is primarily to teach you how to apply acrylic nails properly, techniques that are similar for all extensions, like filing, shaping and sealing.

You will find it quicker to learn with the UV system although if you would like a demonstration of another system we will happily oblige.

Why is your course less expensive than other nail courses?

We like to think we offer fair value for money. We keep our overheads low, don't indulge in expensive advertising and are not paying out for a franchise.

The areas we do concentrate on are quality of teaching staff and course content. We have an excellent reputation in the industry and train nail techs for salons and government agencies.