Guaranteed Passes


We believe that when you have paid for a course it should deliver what it promises, without incurring any extra charges. In light of that, if you struggle with any element of our courses we will offer you extra help and support until you pass that section.

Naturally we will expect you to uphold your end and put in the work, but if you are determined to succeed we will make sure you do so.

We are aware that not everyone learns in the same way. Some people learn better by watching, others by listening, some by reading, some people enjoy tests and quizzes others may prefer watching a video. Because of this we use many different teaching methods to make sure you understand and retain the knowledge.

There is a home study section before you attend the class. This encompasses the areas that it is possible for you to safely complete unsupervised. This will take many different forms and will build up a substantial background understanding.

The classes are small and very hands on. You are shown how to complete tasks in easy-to-follow steps, which you then repeat on your partner. This means there are only three of you working at once and two teachers watching. The one-on-one time is high, nobody gets left behind or lacks attention. This is the way you should be taught. The classes are big enough to be fun and competitive, but not so big that people are lost.

Once the course is complete we like to see case studies for your first ten practise sets, one at a time. To keep it simple we have produced on-line forms that can be easily filled in. This allows us to recognise any areas you may be having teething problems with and allows us to work through them together.

It is important you complete your first ten sets in two to three weeks, you should then be down to about an hour and a half and you will have improved your hand eye coordination so that you feel comfortable applying and filing extensions.

At this point many of you will be ready to start taking on paying clients. However, if you're still a little uncertain we'll keep supporting you, in whatever way necessary, until you're ok.

Nail Technician Course